Zencha's Tea

Item Type Consumable
Gold Cost 90 Gold
Sell Price 68 Gold
Active Unknown
Passive Unknown
Consume Restores 200 health and 160 mana over 8 seconds. Regeneration is canceled if damage is dealt or taken. Enjoy tea with a calm mind.

This is an item that you can use to build your Contestant's stats and abilities. The item can be found under the Consumable  section of the Shop. It is a very good midgamee drink that restores a vast amount of mana and health but requires you to stand still and not take damage while drinking, it is good to drink while capturing a point.

The item is named after Zencha, the Game Designer of Fates Forever.

Most Suited ForEdit

RenwilRenwil VolunderVolunder MayMay


Note: Contestants that this will benefit need to be evaluated/updated. These are placeholders.