The Very Cursed Woods is a forest that grows in the world of Fates Forever.

The woods have been given such an eerie name due to the mysterious, and possibly dangerous, magical energy that emits from the place. According to certain contestant lores, the forest has a winding track that leads to Kru'El's lair:

"Deep within the Very Cursed Woods past many twists, bends, and curves stands a single wooden stump with its top splayed open. A foul vortex of energy encircles the splintered maw of the stump warding away all living things.
Inside the unsettling stump, a cavernous tree catacomb houses the evil lair of Kru'El and his minions."

It is assumed that Kru'El was responsible for causing the woods to become cursed.

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Vyle is another inhabitant of the Very Cursed Woods, and is Kruel Kru'El, The Plague Crocodile's assistant. Vyle follows Kru'El in his wicked ways, referring to him as "Your Putridness" and constantly complimenting his evil plans. It is not known if Vyle also shares his evil intentions or if he's simply acting against his own will, however, as his name seems to be a wordplay for 'vile', it is safe to assume that he is as unjust as Kru'El.

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Some of the Contestants share relations with the Very Cursed Woods

Contestant Ties
Kruel Kru'El, The Plague Crocodile Place of residence