Skippard, The Exiled Frog
Quick Facts
Role Tank/Jungler
Damage Type Physical
Ore Cost 4220 Ore
Jade Cost 555 Jade
Skippard, The Exiled Frog, is a playable character in Fates Forever. In order to play him, you need to purchase him from the in-game store.


Skippard always admired his mentor Markus's unbreakable courage in times of stress and battle and wished he could one day be as mighty as his teacher.

Skippard spent his days as a squire, dressed in squire garb, doing squire things waiting for the time in which he could prove his courage. 

Well, his time came.

Skippard and Markus were sent to the Vale Of Redemption to battle for a chance at breaking their curse. Skippard was as nervous as he was excited. Markus's soticism make Skippard even more anxious.

Battle after battle, Markus saved Skippard and consistently demonstrated why he was the Radiant King's best knight. Skippard appeared to be the weakest link and his nervousness increased.

In a moment of cowardice, Skippard fled in fear and left Markus behind with a fearsome resulting in Markus's demise.

Afterward, Skippard self-imposed an exile on himself and refused to show his face in the Radiant Kingdom.

When the Ancients announced their tournament once more, Skippard decided to redeem himself -- for the curse, for the kingdom, but mostly...for Markus.

May his courage shine through.

Fates Forever - Unveiling Skippard, the Exiled Frog

Fates Forever - Unveiling Skippard, the Exiled Frog



Courage (Passive)

Skippard gains Courage while battling foes. 

Slash Of The Swamp

Skippard swings his sword around him, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.

Strength Of The Exile

Skippards next three basic attacks gain a bonus physical damage and slow enemies struck.

Hand Of Markus

Skippard channels the spirit of his mentor Markus to heal an allied target over time. Increases with spell power. 

Leaping Slash (Ultimate)

Skippard leaps at target area, stunning targets in the center and dealing physical damage to all targets around him. 


Text Audio
Skippard "My looks belie my courage."
Skippard "Nothing will hold me back!"
Skippard "This time, I stand and fight!"


Skippard can easily play the role of Jungle or Tank depending on how you build him. He has plenty of dueling power and a powerful AOE effect. He also has a lot of crowd control with his ultimate as a stun but what makes him different is his ability to heal allies and himself, giving him a powerful advantage when dueling targets


Vale of Redemption Guide - Skippard Slightly out of date, but a good resource to start.