Nerash is a large city in the world of Fates Forever. According to certain lores provided from Contestants, it is surrounded by open fields. There is also a train track which runs through the side of Nerash, transporting freight trains past the city and towards the Kor'al Sea Side.

Some of the available Contestants share relations with the city of Nerash.

Associated ContestantsEdit

Contestant Ties
Renwil Renwil, The Gluttonous Warthog Self-proclaimed as the most able-bodied warrior in Nerash
Elroc Elroc, The Angry Bard Mined Jade Jade in Nerash; now works as a Demolitions Expert
Modoandtago Modo and Tago, The Stopping Snails Tago has a longing desire to, some day, live in Nerash