Melnik's Reaper

Item Type Attack
Gold Cost 2,800 Gold
Sell Price 2,100 Gold
Stats +10% Life Steal

+75 Attack Damage

Active Unknown
Passive Reapers Aggression

Grants +1% lifesteal and +5 attack damageon basic attack. Stacks 5 times.

Consume Unknown

"A powerful and deadly scythe. Provides bonus damage and lifesteal in combat."

This is an item that you can use to build your Contestant's stats and abilities. The item can be found under the "Attack" section of the Shop.

Most Suited ForEdit

RenwilRenwil VolunderVolunder MayMay


Note: Contestants that this will benefit need to be evaluated/updated. These are placeholders. 

Builds FromEdit

VeryCursedBlade Very Cursed Blade  +  Jadeblade Jade Blade  +  550Gold