Cottontail, The Bandit Hare
Quick Facts
Role Jungler/Top
Damage Type Physical
Ore Cost 2110 Ore
Jade Cost 450 Jade

Cottontail, The Bandit Hare, is a playable character in Fates Forever. In order to play her, you need to purchase her from the in-game store.


Cottontail had a strong fear of the dark when she was only a wee hare.  This fear was fostered by living in the depths of her family warren. She had an irrational fear of all the sounds her sensitive ears could pick up on. Everything from the slightest shifts of earth to the twisting of worms was reason for alarm.

Her fertile imagination transformed the most trivial sounds into terrifying visions of writhing snakes in the walls of her home. 

Her siblings began to prey on her fears and would play pranks whenever possible. Jumping out from behind the bend in a tunnel to scare her to  springing out of the soil beneath her timid feet whe she least expected it. 

When Cottontail grew older, she made a pledge to herself to overcome her irrational fears and not allow anyone to take advantage of her. Cottontail finally faced her fears by entering the hole of a massive snake known to everyone of the vale to be a killer.

When she finally emerged from the hole victorious she was transformed. She learned fear is of the mind. She learned her will was stronger than a snake's skin. She learned her blades could rival the speed of fangs. 

She learned...the shadows. 

Fates Forever - Unveiling Cottontail, the Bandit Hare

Fates Forever - Unveiling Cottontail, the Bandit Hare

Abilities Edit


Fight or Flight (Passive)

When Cottontail's health is low, she stealths gaining movement speed. Her next basic attack deals bonus damage. 

Bandit's Shuriken

Cottontail sharply throws a shuriken in a swiped direction, dealing physical damage.

Dash Series

Cottontail dashes, slicing all enemies in her path dealing physical damage. If an enemy is struck, Cottontail may dash once more within a short period of time.

Bunny Swipes

Cottontail uses both daggers on her next basic attack, dealing bonus physical damage. Then, she gains bonus attack speed for a short period of time.

Heaven's Blade (Ultimate)

Cottontail leaps into the air, disappearing and becoming untargetable. She then slices her foes with great speed and dexterity.


Cottontail works well in the Jungle or Top Lane. Her high potencial damage allowes assasinationn attempts while her passive can give her the advantage in fights. Extreme amounts of attack damage will boost her damage while cooldown reduction will allow her to cast more spells, she can also rely on lifesteal for extra sustain but consumables are more effective on her 


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