Bruno Joe, The Champion Pup
Quick Facts
Role Top/Jungler
Damage Type Physical
Ore Cost 4220 Ore
Jade Cost 555 Jade

Bruno Joe, The Champion Pup, is a playable character in Fates Forever. In order to play him, you need to purchase him from the in-game store.


Bruno Joe was on his knees. It was the third round and he was tired, drained, exhausted and up against the toughest opponent he had ever faced in the ring. Ever.

Somehow, an opponent of incredible size possesed such incredible speed. Incredible finesse. Incredible prowess in battle.

Bruno Joe took a deep breath. He wasn't one to go down so easily. He had fans to please. He had something to prove.

To himself. To his father. To his brother. He failed to protect them once. He wouldn't lose this time around. He would not give up.

Slowly rising to his knees, Bruno Joe cracked a grin. His opponent took a slight step back, not expecting such a delighted expression from Bruno Joe.

Bruno Joe raised his fists towards his opponent and spoke.

"You want a Challenge? You got a Challenge."

With that said, he shouted "Furious Fists!" while launching a ball of energy at his incredible opponent.

Caught off guard, his opponent stumbled backwards from the impact. The bright light from the attack was blinding and his opponent was forced to shield his eyes.

As soon as the light faded and his eye opened, all he saw was a bright red knee right in front of him.

Bruno Joe yelled as his signature move connected with his opponent's face. 

Stunned and surprised, Bruno Joe's opponent flew backwards with such impact that he fell over the edge of the ring.

Knock out.

The crowd was silent as Bruno Joe landed on his feet.

His opponent lay still on the ground. After a short moment, Bruno Joe raised his fist in the air and the crowd erupted with applause and cheering.

Fates Forever - Unveiling Bruno Joe, the Champion Pup

Fates Forever - Unveiling Bruno Joe, the Champion Pup



Beautiful Combo (Passive)

Bruno Joe gains a combo attack whenever he deals damage. On the third stack, he deals bonus damage and reduces the cooldowns of his abilities. 

Furious Fist

Bruno Joe unleashes a force of energy in target direction that damages the first target struck. If an enemy Contestant is hit, Bruno gains bonus attack speed for a few seconds. 

Glorious Dash

Bruno Joe dashes a short distance in target direction. After dashing, Bruno Joe's next attack within a few seconds will deal bonus damage. 

Dazzling Uppercut

Bruno Joe uppercuts all nearby targets, knocking them into the air and doing damage. 

The Champion's Knee (Ultimate)

Bruno Joe launches himself at target enemy Contestant, dealing damage and stunning them.


Bruno Joe is suited to play Jungler or Top. His high damage output makes him a powerful dueler with some crowd control on Dazzling Uppercut and The Champions Knee, this lethal combination can effectively turn around fights and even 1v2 enemy contestants


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